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The Ladies AJ Running Coach T-shirt is a professional and performance-oriented piece of sportswear.

Crafted with the highest quality 100% polyester fabric, this handmade t-shirt is designed to keep you comfortable and supported during your runs.

With a lightweight and breathable construction, this t-shirt is perfect for pushing your limits and pushing yourself to the next level. 

The Ladies AJ Running Coach T-shirt is the perfect choice for athletes looking to reach their peak performance.

Ladies AJ running coach T-shirt

This is a made to order Item. Your order will ship in 3-4 weeks.
  • 165 GSM Coolknit - Smooth Soft handle finish fabric.  100% Polyester.

    Treated With Feran ICS

    • Optimum moisture absorption and transportation with high evaporative power to ensure high performance moisture management

    • As little moisture storage as possible to keep the weight of your sportswear down.

    • Safe hygiene and freshness management Feran ICS treatment is designed to avoid odour formation in fabric.

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